Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY: Coffee Sleeve Flowers

This key holder/coat hanger used to have a board in it that said "Welcome." I busted it out and for now have vintage post cards hanging as fillers until I can print out a panoramic shot from my grandpa's farm. 
I don't hang coats obviously but I wanted to put something up as decoration. Matt and I have been saving coffee sleeves because I use them for other projects (i.e. the backing for those magnets in the post below) and I have an over abundance. Easiest DIY project ever.... just staple a couple of those puppies (not literal puppies... I'm referring to the coffee sleeves for you animal rights activists) together in the corners and THERE YOU HAVE IT!!! Coffee Sleeve Flowers. Enjoy.
Old flyswatter I found in an
abandoned house...

O'HENRY'S how I love thee... Coffee will you marry me?

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