Thursday, March 3, 2011


I had an empty frame lying around. I think the glass got broken out of it at some point. So I wanted to do something fun with it.
yeah... it's sideways
STEP 1: Frame plus a piece of cardboard. Measure and cut the cardboard to fit into the frame.

this is what it looks like after step 1
STEP 2: Pick any kind of fabric to cover the cardboard. I used an Urban Outfitters bag (they have ridiculously cool bags there... they're like reusable shopping bags that you get every time you buy something... and they come in different patterns)

step 2 in action... oh I used my fav duck tape to tape
the fabric on the board
STEP 3: Insert the fabric covered cardboard back into the frame.

oh hey cute duck tape....
STEP 4: use push pins/ any kind of stick pin and decorate the frame however you want. Mine (for the moment... I change things up a lot) displays a post it note with a cute letter Matt wrote me, random buttons from an old pair of my mom's jeans from like the 70's, a picture from our wedding, and my dad's classic "signature"-- a dog head with it's tongue sticking out... no seriously he draws this thing on everything... even on the card he and mom wrote in for our wedding.

TA DA!!! you likey?? me likey!!
let me know if any of you do this .. I want to see pictures. enjoy the fun craft.

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