Monday, May 16, 2011

First ORDER of Business

As I have mentioned before I can't operate successfully unless I'm organized. I've labeled myself a hoarder because I rarely throw out something that I can later turn into a craft of some sort (which by the way is one of my "happiness project" goals: to create a craft a day no matter how small.)

My official start date of the project is June 1st so until then I am doing a massive "spring cleaning" of sorts and going through and organizing all I own. This process takes awhile as I have had to actually part with some of the "treasures" (aka normal mans trash) I've been holding on to. Hopefully with all of the tornadoes that have passed through my neck of the woods, I will find someone in true need that I can give some of my clothes and extra dishes/other unnecessary excess to.

Hope you like organization because you're about to get an eye full....
storing my belts in a shoe box... I don't wear them often so there's no need to have them laying around

color coded wardrobe... because it makes it easier to find what I'm looking for

ahhhh... yes.... organization

if you don't mind a few wrinkles roll your tshirts... you can maximize your space

I can't take credit for this idea but I love it... Martha Stewart had a brilliant idea to keep all of your posts on buttons for easy access... and it's cute. oh and that old Suave jar has my rings in it

repurposed cardboard bottle carrier (gasp.. it was for beer) cover with cute paper and you have yourself a craft caddy
Oh organizing sure is fun. It really is. And although it takes some time and thought. In the long run it makes every other task more quick-like (improper grammar.. ignore).

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  1. my closet is color coded, too. well, and sock drawer and underwear drawers, too!