Monday, February 28, 2011

Round Number 2: DIY Pin "Cushion"

I want to do this blog thing... so I'm doing it. Motivated is not my middle name. In fact a quote I saw recently describes me well:
                   "Hard work is for the future; Laziness always pays off now."
                   -- although I find it funny, I don't always want to live it out.
                                             so here goes round number 2 on this blog.

Recently we made a trip to Ikea and as I was assembling my shelving unit, I had two styrofoam blocks left over from the packaging. Hoarding took over and I thought, "I could use that for something." Thankfully I did use it right away and it didn't get added to my pile of "I will find a use for it laters..."

- Fabric from an old shirt
- Styrofoam block
- Pins

After I cut the fabric to the size I wanted (it doesn't have to be perfect), I wrapped the fabric around and pinned it in place.

I am dabbling in the arena of sewing and am constantly forgetting where I put needles/they roll off the desk and I waste time trying to find them on the floor. This little guy solves that problem and it's cute to boot. (haha rhymage).
Now... what to do with the other block?

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